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Manuaal käigukasti mudel UGEARS STEM haridus seeriast.
Õpi kuidas mehanismid töötavad ja vaata UGEARSI rakenduse abil liitreaalsuses, kuidas ja kus neid kasutatakse.
Mudeli suurus: 13 * 10 * 11 cm
Pakendi suurus: 20.5 * 18.8 * 6.3 cm
Detailide arv: 120
Eeldatav koostaeg: 1-2 h

Model Size: 5.1 * 3.9 * 4.3 in (13 * 10 * 11 cm)
Package size: 8.1 * 7.4 * 2.5 in (20.5 * 18.8 * 6.3 cm)
Number of components: 120
Estimated time for assembly: 1-2 hours
o Assemble it and discover the principle of working of the 4-speed Manual Gearbox.
o Experiment: the model comes with a Pocket Model’s Study Guide with a creation
story and mechanism design as well as engaging and interesting tasks.
o Immerse yourself in Augmented Reality (AR), find out how the Gearbox is used in
a car, and interact with it via the dedicated Ugears AR-application.
Learn how the GEARBOX works:
The Gearbox is a stylised educational model, an interactive study guide to the mechanism,
only for learning its essentials and principles of working. A mechanical gearbox is a reducer
that provides speed and torque conversions from a motor to the driving wheels. After
assembly, you can experiment with the Ugears manual Gearbox, by turns, choose I, II, III, or
reverse with a kinematic pair of gears with different ratios and, rotating the actuator handle
clock-wise, you can watch and control the rotation speed of the layshaft and drive shaft. In a
Position “N” – idle in which both clutch gears of layshaft remain uncoupled and idling; the
First Gear makes the layshaft and gears rotate with the lowest speed; the Second Gear
lets the drive shaft along with the flywheel rotate with an average speed and the Third Gear
allows the layshaft and all gears rotate with the highest speed. Switch on the Reverse gear
and see how the driving clutch gear moves to the left towards gear “R” and connects to it
transferring the rotation to the lower gear arrangement and propelling the layshaft and all
gears to rotate in reverse.
When and who invented it:
The invention of the gearbox belongs to the famous German engineer Karl Benz.
A gearbox is mainly used in the automobile industry as a part of the car transmission
mechanism that transfers torque from the engine's shaft to the wheels.
The mechanism of the Gearbox is composed of:
• Gear shifting lever
• Layshaft with gear couplings
• Reverse idle gear bearing
• Drive shaft
• Actuator handle

The Gearbox is developed to serve as a learning tool rather than a puzzle. Just like the rest of
Ugear’s collections, putting STEM-lab models together is fun and comprehensive: everything you
need to build, learn and discover comes in a box. There you will find:
• High-quality wooden boards with pre-cut details and other standard supplies. Assembly
requires no glue or additional tools. The details come out of the boards with a slight push.
• Detailed step-by-step color instruction manual. Easy to follow – easy to learn.
• Examples and suggestions for your fun hands-on projects.
• QR-code to Pocket Model’s Study Guide (the Gearbox Essentials with description of the
mechanism, principle of working, main characteristics, definitions, and formulas).
• QR-code to Ugears AR Application. New exciting feature from Ugears to make your learning
experience even more fascinating!


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