UGEARS Robothobune

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Kaubamärk: UGEARS
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Mudeli mõõdud: 35*29*12,5 cm
Pakendi mõõdud: 37,8*17*4,2 cm
Detailide arv: 410
Umbkaudne koosteaeg: 8-9h

Mudel ei vaja liimi või muude tööriistade kasutamist ning valmis osasid saab lihtsasti puidust raamistikust välja võtta. Kaasas on kasutusjuhend.

Before the Age of Steam took over the world, drastically changing every sphere of human activity,
the only reliable transport available to travellers had been strong and fast horses. Ugears looks away
from high end technologies and ultrahigh-speed to appreciate the time of travelling by horse-back
with a model joining nature and mechanics – the Bionic Horse.
Making the Horse quadrupedal was one of the project’s main challenges. In the walking mechanisms
designed by many engineers before, stability of the moving construction was realized by means of
additional extremities or other extra-supports. Ugears’ wizards have found a smarter way to achieve
stability in motion. The absolutely unique mechanism of the model that makes your Horse a real
quadruped is a brand new innovation developed by Ugears and presented for you to test for the first
time ever.
The designers paid special attention to the anatomy of the animal’s legs to make sure that all the
joints and movements closely resemble those of a real horse. To animate the legs the engineers
implemented a claw mechanism.
The bionic heart of your horse is a pendulum installed in the chest of the mech. The oscillations of
the pendulum slow the transmission of energy from the rubberband motor to the movable elements
extending the working time of the mechanism.
The Bionic Horse won’t carry you over the horizon – the distance it can cover in one winding is quite
limited. Although, it is enough to observe the work of the unique mechanism and enjoy the beauty
of the mechanics of the model.
The mane and tail of the horse that are meant to flow in the wind are made of flexible rubber bands.
When moving, the mechanoid shakes its head swaying its soft rubber mane.
Mechanical horse is a tribute to early automatons, the attempts to create a walking machine made
by the Ancient Greeks, inventors of Japan and China, and Leonardo da Vinci himself. Let go of the
rush and haste of modern times. Withdraw yourself from the race for some time to hop on the
relaxing – but no less exciting! – stroll with the new Bionic Horse from Ugears!
The Ugears Horse-Mechanoid model kit is made of sustainably sourced high grade wood and has
everything you might need for assembly.  The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is
used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides precise hairline cuts. The details have to
be pulled out of the boards and assembled to create a complete model. Like all other Ugears
models, the Horse-Mechanoid comes with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions in
11 languages (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese
and Korean) and requires neither glue nor special tools to be fully assembled into functional self-
walking Horse.
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