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Amsterdam's canal houses, gabled facades, and Neo Gothic Central Station are all architectural gems, but we've chosen something simpler to represent this world city: the bicycle! The Dutch love their bicycles, in most cases grew up on two wheels, and use bikes for business and pleasure—commuting, visiting a friend, or riding through the countryside. During rush hour, thousands of bikes fill the streets, with crowds of cyclists waiting to cross intersections. Bikes are a great way to navigate the city of Amsterdam, as streets and dedicated bike paths are designed to not only give bicycles their space, but even to prioritize two-wheeled transport, which is better for health and better for the environment!

Visitors to Amsterdam are often swept up into cycling culture, and cheap rentals (€10 per day) can be found throughout the city. Bicycles are ideal for exploring the winding streets of the historic central district, urban parks and forests, and surrounding waterways and polders. If you join the cycling scrum, remember to follow traffic laws, take your cues from the locals, park your bike in designated spots, and enjoy the freedom and fun of cycling in this great European capital!

The Ugears Dutch Bicycle model, from the World Cities collection, is a classic bike with rear rack and front basket for doing your shopping, or for taking a friend or pet for a ride. Small models of a cat, dog, and flowers are included and can be placed in the basket. A rear kickstand and display mount allow the bike to stand upright for display. The model also features rotating pedals with a rubber chain that drives the rear wheel, a freely rotating front wheel, and moving handlebars. With 75 pieces made of art-quality composite wood, Ugears' DIY Dutch Bicycle is rated "Easy" and can be built in about 90 minutes. You won't need glue or special tools to build this 3D puzzle, just push the pieces out of their laser pre-cut boards and snap them together. Illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Korean) guide your build. Perfect for display on a shelf or table in your home or office.

The Dutch Bicycle model will appeal to those who dream of travel to Holland, cycling enthusiasts, pet lovers, or anyone who just wants to build and display a beautiful model of this iconic two-wheeled emblem of Amsterdam.

Model size: 7.3*4.6*3 in (18.5*11.7*7.7 cm)
Package size: 8*3.6*0.7 in (20.3*9.2*1.8 cm)
Number of components: 75
Estimated time of assembly: 1.5 hour
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