UGEARS Marble Run Chain Hoist

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Marble Run Chain Hoist
Model size: 27.5*30.5*27 cm)
Package size: 37.8*17*3.4 cm
Number of components: 400
Estimated time for assembly: 7 hours

What is it about marble runs that makes them so compelling? Kids (and adults!) can watch marbles
going down a track, passing through various obstacles, for hours on end. Marble runs are fascinating,
they grab our attention, and yet they're also relaxing. Marble runs and races have become an
unexpected YouTube phenomenon, with thousands of videos racking up millions of views. You choose a
marble to watch, to cheer for, you wonder which path it will take, you put yourself in the marble's place,
imagining that you are right there with the glass ball, going on a marvelous, unknown journey, with
twists and turns and surprises around every corner. The thrill is even greater when you've built the
marble run yourself. Now you're not just passively watching a video, you're fully invested because you
built a wondrous machine with your own hands.
Presenting the Ugears Marble Run Chain Hoist—an exciting combination of art and engineering. The
Marble Run Chain Hoist is both a beautiful kinetic sculpture and an intricate toy that teaches as it
entertains. This DIY wooden marble run features a chain hoist powered by a hand crank, and a series of
tracks, each with its own unique and fun obstacle or element. Turn the handle clockwise to set the
machine in motion, and watch as the wooden chain hoist collects and lifts the marbles to the top of the
machine, where a 3-way switch distributes them on different tracks. One marble plunges down a chute
with a loop-the-loop at the bottom; the next tumbles down the various stages of the cascades, while
three others are collected in the accumulator then released down one of three short tracks. All marbles
pass through the common tray or collector before returning to the chain hoist to be lifted on their next
The Marble Run Chain Hoist is modular, and can be connected to other Marble Run Chain Hoists (2 or 4
models can be connected, in pairs) using special connectors (included). Attach two Marble Run Chain
Hoists together frontally, or connect four together, both frontally and laterally, for a mini system of
hoists and runs.
The world's tallest rolling ball sculpture, at 72 feet, is the "Energy Machine," located inside the Hong
Kong Science Museum. At one foot tall our Ugears wooden marble run may not be the biggest, but we
think it's the cutest! Multiple elements are packed into a compact space in our DIY Marble Run Chain
Hoist, keeping you guessing which path your favorite marble will take. As marbles enter the 3-way
switch each marble closes a "door" behind it, allowing the next marble to pass further. The third marble,
passing through the last hole, opens the doors using a lever.
Experience the satisfaction of building your own intriguing, 3D puzzle/kinetic sculpture/marble run with
your own hands. Everything you need for this fun DIY project comes right in the box, including pre-cut
wooden boards, 10 marbles, wax and sandpaper (for optimal gear function). Each Ugears model kit, 3D
puzzle, or brain teaser comes with a set of detailed, illustrated instructions in 11 languages. The Marble
Run Chain Hoist has 400 pieces, is rated "Medium" level, and has an estimated assembly time of 7
hours. As you build this ingenious wooden marble run, you will learn about the action and interplay of
drive gears and driven gears in gear sets, the delicate action of counterweights, and be intrigued by the
mechanics of the 3-way switch and accumulator as they determine the marbles' course.

You and your family will have hours of fun constructing this DIY kit together, without need of glue or
special tools. Just snap the wooden pieces out of their laser pre-cut boards, then snap them together
and watch your marble run take shape. Our high-quality precision laser-cut pieces are made from
natural wood composites, have a wonderful smell, and fit together snugly. If you break a piece during
the build, no problem! Ugears models each come with a few spare parts, and if it's a unique piece that's
damaged or broken, just contact our customer service and we will gladly send you a replacement part
free of charge! Free replacement parts—just part of Ugears' commitment to customer service.
The fun doesn't stop with the build. With static models the completed model often gets put on a high
shelf collecting dust. Not so with Ugears! Once you finish building this DIY marble run the fun is just
beginning! Watch the wooden puzzle come to life as you crank the hoist to send the marbles on their
adventures. For anyone looking for a toy that will give more than 5 minutes of fun, a marble run is
certain to capture the attention of any child (or adult!).
Looking for a unique gift for home or office? The Marble Run Chain Hoist is an engaging way to relax
your mind before going back to the task at hand, whether that's tidying your desk, sending out an email,
or getting ready for your next zoom call. Everyone enjoys watching marbles pass through an intricate
machine—it's just part of human nature! Perhaps there are some children in your life who would be
delighted to help build this model and watch the marbles loop-the-loop, trickle down a counterweighted
cascade, or take any of several other paths as they work their way to the bottom. The Marble Run Chain
Hoist is a fun, unique gift idea for just about anyone in your life—for birthdays, holidays, any occasion or
no occasion.
Let the good times roll!


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