TELESKOOP BRESSER FirstLight MAC 100/1400 EQ-3 mount

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Moon, planets, deep-sky objects - explore the wonders of the night sky with the BRESSER FirstLight MAK 100/1400 telescope. You don’t always have to travel to a remote location without light pollution - compact and bright objects can also be observed from towns or cities. Align the telescope and gaze at stunning planetary nebula or fascinating globular clusters! The Maksutov has a long 1400 mm focal length and can capture large amounts of light. It also has a compact design and produces no discernible chromatic aberration. Thanks to the 100 mm lens diameter, the aperture lets ample light into the tube. The telescope also comes with a 90° star diagonal to ensure a comfortable observation position.

The telescope comes with a premium Plössel eyepiece with a focal length of 25 mm. This allows you to observe at 56x magnification - perfect for exploring the planets and the moon.

The telescope also comes with a smartphone holder so that you can attach your smartphone and share snapshots of your nighttime observations with family, friends and other astronomy fans.

The telescope comes with a sturdy mount to hold everything in place. Thanks to the dual-axis mechanism on the equatorial EQ3 mount, you can track the telescope by hand to compensate for the earth’s movements and follow the moon, planets, nebula and other celestial objects as they move across the night sky. The tripod has an adjustable height and a practical shelf for your accessories.

The BRESSER FirstLight MAK 100/1400 telescope - a must-have companion for clear nights!


Optical design: Achromatic refractor
Objective lens diameter: 100 mm
Long focal length: 1400 mm / Excellent light-gathering power
Includes Plössl eyepiece: 25 mm
Magnification with included accessories: 56x
Mount: EQ3, equatorial
Simple tracking by hand
90° erecting lens for upright and non-reversed image
Includes Smartphone holder
Includes height-adjustable tripod with accessory shelf


Telescope tube
EQ3 mount Tripod Smartphone holder Plössl eyepiece: 25 mm erecting lens Instructions with warranty information
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