NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Ilmajaam värvilise ekraani ja 5 sensoriga

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National Geographic 256-color and RC weather center 5-in-1
The new design of the National Geographic Colour Display Weather-Center impresses with an excellent performance and excellent value for money . The weather center combines a compact design with a comprehensive information service. The new, unique colour display offers clear information and an ideal overview in an elegant design.

The multifunctional outdoor sensor with its very compact design can be set up in almost any location. A pipe clamp and screws for attachment to masts (pipe diameter approx. 25-33 mm) as well as a stand for level mounting are already included in the scope of delivery!
The 5-in-1 outdoor sensor reliably transmits measured values for wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and amount of precipitation to the base station. On the display of the base station not only these values, but also a variety of history data can be read. The latter enables the internal storage and evaluation of the measurement data over a period of 24 hours. From the collected measurement data, the weather station calculates a very reliable local weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours, which is shown on the display by six graphic symbols. An alarm can be individually programmed for maximum and minimum values, which triggers both an acoustic and a light signal when the specified value is reached. For outside temperatures from -3 °C, a special frost/ice warning alarm can also be activated. A poor indoor climate can pose health risks, especially for children and elderly people. The National Geographic Weather Centre also offers a smart feature for this purpose. The room climate indicator always informs about the room climate by means of a symbol.


5-in-1 Multisensor for outdoor use
Installation material for outdoor sensor included in delivery
Inside temperature (°C/°F) and humidity
Outside temperature (°C/°F) and humidity
Wind direction and speed
Graphical weather trendsDisplay (12 hours)
Beaufort-Index (scale for classification of wind forces)
Precipitation with history (day/week/month)
Air pressure with history (24 hours)
Radio controlled time and date setting
Moon phases
Alarm function
Ice/freezing warning
Min.-/Max. value memory (up to 24 hours)
li>LED backlight, amber


Base station with pedestal
5-in-1 Multisensor with mounting material
> Operating instructions

3 pcs. of LED backlight for operation. AA batteries required (not included)
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