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The digital metal detector from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is the ideal entry-level device for treasure hunting at a low price.

The use of the metal detector is learned quickly: simply guide the search coil parallel to the ground in slow, snake-like swiveling movements.

There's an acoustic signal indicating a find. With 3 different pitches it is even possible to determine the metal type of the found piece. The LCD display also shows the type of metal and the relative depth of the found object.

This avoids unnecessary digging for worthless scrap metal. But you can also exclude it completely from the search. The metal detector is equipped with 3 search modes, with which you can determine which types of metal should be displayed and which should be ignored.


Digital metal detector with 3 search modes
ALL METAL: Metal detector reacts to any type of metal
DISC: Metal types with conductance values below the selected value are hidden
NOTCH: metal types with certain conductance values are hidden
Search depth: 20 cm for coin-sized objects; larger objects also deeper
Sensitivity adjustable
3 audio signals for acoustic metal distinction
Integrated speaker and headphone jack (3.5 mm jack)
Volume control
LCD display
Relative depth indication
Length adjustable handle: approx. 100 - 125 cm
Padded armrest and handle for comfortable use
Power supply: 2x 9 Volt block battery (not included)
Battery level indicator


8'' search coil
Control unit with display
Ergonomic, length-adjustable handle
Instruction manual
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