UGEARS The Ghost of Kyiv Ukrainian Fighter

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The Ghost of Kyiv. Ace fighter pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force. Grim Reaper of 40 russian aircraft. Who was this indomitable defender of Ukraine's capital? He suddenly appeared in his MiG-29 fighter where not expected. He lived in the heads of russian pilots, fearfully holding to russian airspace, not daring to fly sorties over Kyiv, while at the same time inspiring a nation fighting against hopeless odds. Was he man or myth? One pilot or many? Is he still guarding Ukrainian skies, or was he killed in combat?

People need hope, they need heroes, and in the early days of russia's February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Ghost of Kyiv became that hero for millions of Ukrainians. As the number of kills—enemy aircraft shot down in aerial combat—credited to the Ghost grew, so did the legend. But legends aside, the fact is, russia failed to achieve air superiority over Kyiv in the early days of the war—a key point in Ukraine's survival—thanks in large part to the brave pilots of the 40th Tactical Air Force Brigade of Ukraine, the true "Ghosts of Kyiv."

Ugears, a proudly Ukrainian company, brings the Ghost of Kyiv to life in this 1:72 scale model of the MiG-29 fighter jet flown by the Ghost. The model is distinguished by its realism, with movable ailerons, wing flaps, and tail rudders, retractable landing gear front and back, detachable missiles, and pop-up canopy. But the standout feature of this DIY 3D wooden aircraft model is the way it hovers in the air like a phantasm, thanks to our use of tensegrity (tensional integrity or floating compression), an elegant structural engineering principle used in some bridges and stadium roofs. Four thin fishing lines, with ratchet-aided tension adjustment, allow the DIY model aircraft to float above its stand, as if by magic, even though the lines are below the model! A slider at the rear of the model allows you to roll the aircraft left and right, simulating flight. You can also change the MiG-29's pitch angle using adjusters located underneath the stand.

The stand over which The Ghost of Kyiv seemingly levitates tells a story. The base of the stand features an attractive wooden cutout stylized map of Kyiv, symbolizing the city and all her inhabitants under the Ghost's protection. The sides of the base feature a panoramic view of the Kyiv skyline. The arm of the stand displays a downed enemy aircraft—add one more to the Ghost's tally! This wooden model MiG-29 is a companion piece or "big brother" to The Ghost of Kyiv Attacks, a smaller, simpler "mechanical stories" model from Ugears' Age of Bravery series, celebrating Ukrainian defenders throughout history and highlighting some of the standout episodes and stories of the current war. Collect them all!

The Ghost of Kyiv Ukrainian Fighter wooden DIY model kit has 181 parts, with an estimated assembly time of 5 hours. The kit includes everything you need for assembly. No glue or additional tools required. Parts are carefully laser pre-cut into high quality plywood boards, and can be removed with light pressure then snapped together following illustrated, step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). If you break a part during construction let us know and we'll be glad to provide replacement parts for your 3D puzzle free of charge.

Assemble this mechanical 3D puzzle and enjoy telling and retelling the legend of the brave fighter pilot heroically defending his city against invaders—part of the history and mythology connected to the rebirth of the modern Ukrainian state. The Ghost of Kyiv Ukrainian Fighter is an interesting and educational project for hobbyists and families to work on together, and an attention-grabbing display piece for your home or office with its gravity-defying tensegrity construction. This model MiG-29 aircraft will make an original gift for those interested in aircraft modeling, military history, aviation, and for anyone rooting for Ukraine to preserve its freedom and independence against russian aggression. Part of the proceeds from each The Ghost of Kyiv Ukrainian Fighter model purchased on our international website will be donated to Ukrainian relief and defense.


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