UGEARS Mini Helikopter

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Mudeli mõõdud: 25.2x11.5x29.5 cm
Pakendi mõõdud: 18.7x17x3.5 cm
Detailide arv: 167
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In 1489 the greatest polymath the world has ever known sketched a design for an

“aerial screw" or helical rotor. Da Vinci's dream of mechanical flight was not only the earliest conception of a helicopter, but gave birth to the entire field of aeronautics. The world would have to wait until the early 20th Century before the first machines capable of lifting off the ground were invented, paving the way to today's helicopters—aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing, hovering in the air, and forward, backward, and lateral flight.

The Ugears Mini Helicopter is the first helicopter model in our Smart collection, joining the Mini Biplane, Mad Hornet, Steampunk Airship and Aviator (with interchangeable airplane and helicopter components) models in our Ugears family of fabulous flyers. The open design lets you really see all aspects of the DIY helicopter model. This 3D puzzle whirlybird is loaded with realistic details including a turning rotor mast and main rotor, turning tail rotor, twin seater cockpit with cyclic stick controls, doors that open, adjustable searchlight in front, retractable rear wheels, landing skids and a helipad on which to rest your model.

To set your Ugears Mini Helicopter in motion set the Start/Stop switch to the "Stop" position, give several twists to the silent ratchet key to wind the rubber band motor, put the rear wheels down, set the model on a flat surface, then gently hold the model as you flip the switch to "Start," release and watch as your 3D puzzle helicopter runs ahead for about 1.5 m. Just look at the gorgeous realism of that rotating main rotor! When not in operation you can rest your Helicopter on the included helipad for an attractive static display.

With 167 parts this is an easy model to build, but exceptional Ugears design means this DIY toy chopper still has that "Wow!" factor. To build your model just punch the pieces out of the art-quality composite wood boards and snap them together following the included illustrated instructions. Be sure to sand and lubricate all moving parts with the included piece of sandpaper and wax, and "develop" moving parts with multiple runs before final assembly, for optimal Mini Helicopter function.

The Mini Helicopter is a great gift for a youngster who dreams of taking to the skies, or for anyone who loves aviation or model building. We suspect even Leonardo himself would enjoy building this one!
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