UGEARS Auruvedur

Tootekood: UGEARS10
Kaubamärk: UGEARS
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: 3

Rocca: 1
Ülemiste: 2
69,90 €
Kogus: - +
Veduri mõõdud: 315*100*125mm
Tendri mõõdud: 160*90*115mm
Pakendi mõõdud: 37*17*4cm
Detailide arv: 443
Umbkaudne koosteaeg: 10-12h

Mudel ei vaja liimi või muude tööriistade kasutamist ning valmis osasid saab lihtsasti puidust raamistikust välja võtta. Kaasas on kasutusjuhend.

The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender combines all of the technical and artistic innovations that builders have come to appreciate in our other models and takes them a step beyond. Richly detailed with an eye toward realism and romance, our version of this indelible symbol of 19th century technology and adventure captures the imagination of all who see it. It’s no wonder it was such a hit during our Kickstarter campaign.

Our locomotive is driven by rubber bands and a gear array instead of superheated steam, but otherwise its main mechanism looks and operates very much like that of a real steam engine. Up close you can see working asynchronous pistons and valves that transfer power to the locomotive’s drive wheels through a moving system of rods, linkages and cranks.
Small touches like a fully detailed engineer’s cab with retractable step ladder, art-deco boiler trim, and open-up Tender with coal doors complete this beautiful reminder of a bygone era. The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender is our largest, most complex model to date; yet thanks to our patented plywood joint design and rigorous engineering and quality control process, a hobbyist can complete this model in a single sitting. Like all other UGEARS models, the Locomotive with Tender comes with step-by-step, full-color, truly easy to follow instructions.


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