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TELESKOOP ISA Space Exploration NASA 70/700 AZ

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The moon landings, functioning Mars rovers, exciting images from high-performance telescopes – are you fascinated by what NASA has been able to achieve? Then why not embark on your own exciting voyage of discovery into space with the ISA Space Exploration NASA 70/700 AZ telescope? After all, that’s where every NASA astronaut and space explorer started out. As you will see, with this complete kit, including refracting telescope and accessories, your leap into the world of astro observation will be quick and easy. Perfect for exploring the beauties of the sky by yourself!

Bright new prospects with your telescope

The moon and the planets in particular give a high-contrast image thanks to the 70 mm aperture, the 700 mm focal length and the aperture ratio of f/10. You can easily change the magnification with the two eyepieces that are included in the kit – from 35x to 77x and back again. You’ll be amazed when the two main cloud belts on the gas giant Jupiter suddenly come into view – and from a distance of some 600 million kilometres! You’ll also be able to see other celestial objects located outside of our solar system, including the well-known Orion Nebula M42.

Easy operation so that you can get started quickly

Want some instant amazement? That’s why this entry-level telescope comes almost fully pre-assembled. Plus, with the altazimuth mount on the stable, height-adjustable tripod, this astronomical telescope is intuitive in use as well. With it, you simply move the tube up and down and from left to right by hand, as you would with a standard camera tripod. Ideal for moving from one celestial highlight to the next, which you should be able to locate easily with the LED dot finder. Once aligned, it will indicate the point in the sky at which your telescope is currently pointing, without magnification. That way, you’ll know where everything is located before you start observing in more detail.

A range of telescope accessories for more astro enjoyment

Your view into space can be even more exciting if you have just the right equipment. Which is why this telescope kit comes with a range of practical astro accessories. With the zenith mirror, you can enjoy comfortable observations whilst maintaining a convenient body posture, even when the lens is pointed vertically upwards. You can even explore our own star during the day with the lens solar filter. After attaching the filter to the telescope aperture (and only then), you can safely keep watch on sunspots and granulation on the surface of the sun. Fancy taking your first steps in astrophotography? Just grab the smartphone camera adapter – simply place your smartphone camera over the eyepiece and your telescope will become a camera lens. Perfect for interesting snapshots of the moon, planets and sun.

Follow in the footsteps of NASA explorers and start your very own astronomical adventure with the ISA Space Exploration NASA 70/700 AZ telescope.


Telescope for observing the night sky and the sun
Easy-to-use, perfect for beginners
Ideal for observing the moon, planets and sun
Magnification with included accessories: 35x, 77x
Maximum recommended magnification: 140x
Focal length: 700 mm
Lens diameter: 70 mm
Aperture ratio: f/10
Mount: altazimuth
Eyepiece mount attachment diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25”)
With smartphone camera adapter to help you take your first steps in astrophotography


Refractor telescope
Altazimuth mount
Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
2 eyepieces: 9 mm, 20 mm
Zenith mirror, 1.25” sleeve (31.7 mm)
LED dot finder
Smartphone camera
Lens sun filter
Astronomy software (for download)
Rotating star chart
Instruction manual
Technical Data
Field of application
Lunar observation
Lunar photography
Planetary photography
Planetary observation
Solar observation
Focus Group
Visual enthusiasts
Product Family Refractor telescope
Optical design Achromatic Refractor
Magnification from 35
Maximum recommended magnification 140
Mirror/Lens diam. 70 mm
Focal length 700 mm
Aperture ratio 10
Angular resolution 1.97 arc seconds
Finderscope LED-Red Dot Finder
Batteries needed2 1x CR2032, 3V
Batteries included ✓
Colour white
Material tripod3 Aluminium
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
Extended warranty 5 years
Tripod height adjustment ✓

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