TELESKOOP BRESSER Polaris 102/460 EQ3 with Solar-Filter Zoom

TELESKOOP BRESSER Polaris 102/460 EQ3 with Solar-Filter

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BRESSER Polaris 102/460 EQ3 Telescope with Solar-Filter
NEW - now including a high-quality aperture Solar-filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits.

Ambitious beginners will see the brightest objects outside our solar system with the BRESSER Polaris 102/460. Watch details in the Great Orion Nebula from the astonishing distance of 1500 lightyears ( km)! Scanning the lunar terminator is simply a pleasure. Scanning the Milky Way in Saggitarius shows a multitude of deep-sky objects.

Richfield lens telescope with a short focal length of 460mm. Suitable for traveling and to observe large open star clusterns and the milky way. The BRESSER Polaris is also equipped with a large 2.0'' focuser which allows the use of 2.0'' eyepieces with even larger fields of view. The included eyepiece adapter 2.0'' to 1.25'' allows the use of all 1.25'' eyepieces.

With the included smartphone camera adapter you can take pictures of your best observations right through the telescope.


Telescope for night and solar observation
Optical system: achromatic lens telescope
Highest practical power: 204x
Objective lens diameter: 102 mm
Focal length: 460 mm
Aperture ratio: f/4.5
Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3
Eyepiece diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25'')
Focuser: 2.0'' with adapter for 1.25" eyepiece shaft
Total weight 8,1 kg ; Tube weight 2,4 kg


Aperture Solar-filter
Eyepieces: 4 mm, 20 mm
LED Viewfinder
3-fold Barlow lense
Smartphone camera adapter
Aluminium tripod
Accessory tray

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