Tamiya programeeritav roomikutega robot kontrolleriga BBC micro:bit

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Microcomputer Robot (Crawler Type)

This is the first product in the new Programming Robot Series, which aims to provide intrepid modelers young and old with a taste of programming in addition to our tradition of construction and model building.
The kit includes a BBC micro:bit computer which controls the model when it is finished, and can even be modified with your own unique program. The possibilities are endless, not least for STEM work with those studying the application of programming in the classroom.

About the Model
• This assembly kit creates a crawler robot that runs using a BBC micro:bit microcomputer, ultrasonic sensor and motor driver circuit.
• The robot is an assembly kit model, with a design based upon our popular Cam-Program Robot (Item 70227). Please note that this robot does not run on cams, and they are not included.
• When the ultrasonic sensor identifies an obstacle ahead, it transmits that information to the BBC micro:bit, which uses a pre-installed program to give the motors commands to avoid the obstacle.
• A program will be available on the Tamiya homepage allowing the programming of a separately sold BBC micro:bit as a remote controller.
• BBC micro:bits can also be coded with original programs via computer, too.
• Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately).
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