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Modeling Template (Square, 1-10mm)

Tamiya's engraving needle is a fine addition to any modeler's tool kit, allowing scribing of fine, precision lines.
Now, you can use it to scribe squares with ease thanks to this new set of photo-etched stainless steel template sheets, which follows on from the round and rounded rectangle templates in Item 74150 and 74154 respectively.

Item Contents/Information
• Photo-Etched Template Fret x1
• The fret includes 4 sheets, each with square templates in 0.5mm length increments between 1mm and 10mm. Every sheet has a different corner style for its squares: right angle, R10%, R15% and R20%. The radius of rounded corners is calculated by multiplying square side length by R (10mm square x R10% =
1mm radius corners).
• Templates are manufactured in 0.1mm thickness stainless steel, allowing you to bend it against convex surfaces such as aircraft fuselage pieces (minimum target component radius is 30mm)
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