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Some say that a sailboat is the only way to truly enjoy the experience of being on the water. Who are we to argue with those sentiments, as nothing is more rewarding than preparing to navigate your r/c yacht in the breeze in true classic yachting style.

The Hurricane is a large 1m length sailboat and measuring in at 213cm tall (tip to balast) it is a impressive model. Coming mostly factory assembled, the blow moulded ABS hull features a sealed radio box that houses a 2.4ghz radio system, winch and rudder servo and receiver battery.

Most of the rigging is completed at the factory, leaving final assembly and mounting of the printed nylon heavy-duty sails a relatively quick affair.

If you are looking for the ultimate r/c sailing experience, sail with the Hurricane.
Features andSpecifications

2.4ghz radio
Rudder Servo
Boat powered by 4 x AA batteries (Not included)
Radio requires 4 x AA batteries (Not included)
Printed nylon sail
Hull Length: 990mm
Beam (Width): 220mm
Height from bottom of hull: 1790mm
Height from bottom of ballast: 2130mm
Weight: 3.15kg
Hull Material: ABS Plastic
Ballast Material: Iron
Ballast Weight: 1.7kg
Jib - 2500 sq cm
Main - 3550 sq cm
Total - 6050 sq cm
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