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Permanent preparations are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are stained.

All preparations are labelled in German and English language. A list with all preparations is included.

This set includes:

Rhizopus Sporongia,W.M.
Pine Leaf,C.S.
Leaf of Winter Jasmine,C.S.
Corn Root Tip, L.S.
Vicia Faba Young Root C.S.
Corn Stem C.S.
Corn Stem L.S.
Cucurbita Stem C.S.
Cucurbita Stem L.S.
Basswood Stem C.S.
Basswood Stem L.S.
Pollen W.M.
Daphnia Sp W.M.
Hydra W.M.
Paramecium W.M.
Rotifer W.M.
Honey Bee Mouth Parts W.M.
Cardiac Muscle Sec.
Skeletal Muscle L.S,C.S.
Dog Small Intestine C.S.
Spinal Cord C.S.
Motor Neurons Cell W.M.
Blood Smear Human


25x prepared slides
1x wooden box
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