Noch maketialus Rosenheim 160x100 cm

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Details “Rosenheim” Layout

Getting Started with Your very own Model Railway Layout can be this Easy!
The preformed "Rosenheim" Layout offers a lot of pleasure on just 160 x 100 cm of model landscape. The Trains run their rounds around a beautiful small town on two electric tracks. Two long tunnel sections and an impressive bridge create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere. One road circles the town center and invites you to a little bit of fun with your model landscape.

The "Rosenheim" Layout can also be utilized for the FALLER Car System (single track) with a some crafting skills. Furthermore, the layout can be easily Extended upon with the norm-fitted NOCH System.

You will recieve the plans for the track layout for applicable track systems and a detailed list for an prospective extension together with the ready-made "Rosenheim" Layout.

Scope of Delivery:
• Base layout, hand-painted and with greening (grass), mounted on stable Wood Frame
• Pre-cut underlay for the tunnels
• Bridge construction kit for the H0 scale
• Track plans for all applicable systems
• "Preformed Layouts" DVD Guide

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 1600.00 mm
Width: 1000.00 mm
Height: 2350.00 mm
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