Noch maketialus “Königsfeld” 160 x 100 cm

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Details “Königsfeld” Layout

A Train ride trough the middle of Franconia
The preformed "Königsfeld" Layout offers a romantic idyll in the best possible model railway format.

The intricately designed railway tracks run through the romanic Central German Uplands in view of many sights: a medival German small town with a church, a peak with a fortification, a small stream with a lake ideal for swimming and bathing (suitable for running water), an old brick-and-mortar station with freight shed, and, last but not least, the beautifully curved bridge.

Two electric currents for the tracks and one storage siding allow for an interesting model train experience.

Scope of Delivery:
• Base layout, hand-painted and with greening (grass), mounted on stable Wood Frame
• Pre-cut underlay for the tunnels
• Bridge construction kit for the H0 scale
• Track plans for all applicable systems

Length: 1600.00 mm
Width: 1000.00 mm
Height: 240.00 mm
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