NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Metallidetektor lastele

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Time for a treasure hunt! This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC kids metal detector is perfect for detecting buried metal objects. From your garden to your local playground, there’s no shortage of places where you can go hunting for interesting objects.

Children’s metal detector with intuitive design

Thanks to its intuitive design, the metal detector can used immediately after unboxing – simply switch it on and gently swing the search coil approximately 2 cm back and forth above the ground. The metal detector can detect metal objects at a depth of up to 12 cm – when an object is detected, you will hear a beep sound and see a light on the handle. A symbol will also appear on the LCD screen. Also ideal for big puddles and narrow streams – the search coil is waterproof up to 15 cm, allowing you to conduct searches in small bodies of water.

Always be respectful: did you know that there are different international regulations in place governing metal detector use? This is to help protect special archaeological discoveries. Make sure that you are familiar with local rules and laws before you start.


Metal detector for children aged 8 and above
Ergonomic handle
Adjustable length from 760 to 880 mm
Detector plate with adjustable angle
Search depth: up to 12 cm
Acoustic tone and light to indicate presence of metal
LCD screen
Battery-operated: 1x 9 V alkaline battery (not included)


Metal detector
LCD screen
Instruction manual
Technical Data
Colour yellow
Extended warranty 5 years
Total length 880 mm
Total width 190 mm
Total height 140 mm
Net weight (without access.) 600 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 900 g

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