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Fans of the 1:16 scale Ranger, can now add the Fury XC to their collection! Measuring 32cm long, the Outback Fury XC is small enough to be used indoors, yet large enough to be capable of taking on larger outdoor terrain.

Available in white, blue and yellow the Fury XC features moulded bodyshell accessories and hidden body post mouyts for additional detail. Underneath, the XC chassis features a metal geared reduction gearbox for improved torque and low speed driving, low C of G centre drive with telescopic sliding driveshafts, metal axle gears in high clearance locked axles and front and rear oil filled shock absorbers.

The waterproof Hobbywing 25Amp speed control coupled with the reduction gearbox provides perfect slow control and torque for you to creep your way through the trails.

With the factory installed multi-mode LED light set front and rear, whether you are Indoor or out, night or day the Fury XC is ready to tackle anything!

99% Ready-To-Run
2.4ghz 4ch Radio System
Waterproof 17g Steering Servo
Hobbywing Waterproof 25Amp Speed Control
7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery Pack
High Torque 370 size brushed motor
Centre mounted low CofG motor & gearbox
Metal geared reduction gearbox for up to 40° angle climbing performance
Oil filled shock absorbers
Multi-mode LED light set front and rear
Mult-link suspension system
Locked front and rear axles with metal drive
Telescopic UJ centre driveshafts
Scale inspired 4x4 Off Road body w/hidden mount
Scale inspired wheels & supersoft crawling tyres
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