Flux Emh-3S Brushless Esc

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The all-new Flux EMH-3S electronic speed controller is just as adjustable as the Flux Reload V2 it replaces, but it's more powerful and more efficient to handle bigger motors and higher capacity battery packs for increased speeds and fun!

The Flux EMH-3S is being fitted in the latest Flux-powered HPI kits because it's ultra-versatile, super-powerful and ready for anything. Snow? Mud? Rain? Bogs? It can take it all! It's completely sealed so it's perfectly dustproof and waterproof, making it the ideal solution for powering any kind of on- or off-road 1/10th scale car, buggy or truck.

The Flux EMH-3S is extremely adjustable, which makes it great for all kinds of 1/10th scale vehicles:

touring cars
Mini racers
desert buggies
vintage touring cars
stadium trucks
short course trucks
desert trucks

Fit the Flux EMH-3S in your RC vehicle so you can see for yourself what toughness, versatility and durability is all about!


3 Running Modes:
Racing (Forward and Brake only)
Bashing (Forward, Brake and Reverse)
Rock Crawler (instant switch from Forward to Reverse)
8 steps of Drag Brake adjustment from 0-100%
6 Auto-LiPo Cut Off settings: none or 2.5V-3.4V per cell
9 Punch Start Mode settings from soft to aggressive
4 steps of Maximum Brake Force adjustment from 25-100%
4 steps of Maximum Reverse Force adjustment from 25-100%
3 steps of Initial Brake Force adjustment from 0-40%, plus option to make IBF equal Drag Brake setting
3 steps of Neutral Range adjustment from 6-12%
8 steps of Motor Timing adjustment from 0-26.25 degrees
Overheat Protection on/off selection
Multiple protection features:
Auto-LiPo detection
Low voltage cut off protection for LiPo or NiMH/NiCd battery
Overheat protection for the ESC
Throttle signal loss protection
Easily programmed with only one setup button, and is compatible with the pocket sized 2 in 1 professional program card. (Available separately as #101856)

Constant Current: 80A - Reload V2 was 60A!
Burst Current: 540A - Reload V2 was 190A!
Resistance: 0.0004 ohm
Application: 1/10th scale On-Road/Off-Road
Battery Limit: 4-9 Cells NiMH or 2-3S LiPo
Motor Limit:
2S LiPo or 6 Cell NiMH: On-Road 5.5T, Off-Road 6000 kV
3S LiPo or 9 Cell NiMH: On-Road 8.5T, Off-Road 4000 kV
BEC: 6V/2A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Dimensions: 50.5 x 56.2 x 35.4m
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