Decal Adhesive (Softener Type) Tamiya

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Decal Adhesive (Softener Type)

This new product is a one-stop shop for all your decal needs, combining the popular Decal Adhesive (Item 87176) with the softening substance used in Item 87135 Mark Fit (Strong). It is formulated to help avoid the “silvering” of decals.

Item Contents/Information
• This item works as an adhesive, allowing application of decals which have been left too long in water and lost their adhesion. It can also be used when re-positioning decals.
• The softening element will help your decals adhere and conform to difficult surfaces.
• Simply apply this adhesive to the target surface and apply the decal.
• Excess can be cleaned up easily using water.
• Contents: 10ml. The bottle cap features a handy brush for application.
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