BRESSER 15mm Plössl okulaar 31,7mm/1,25"

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BRESSER 15mm Plössl Eyepiece 1,25" (31,7mm)

Since years a well known and approved Plössl eyepiece. Ideal to improve the performance of your telescopes for a low budget price.

All the BRESSER Plössl eyepieces provide sharp and high-contrast images because of the 4-lens design. All lenses have fully-multicoated surfaces which prevents reflections efficiently. Every eyepiece is equipped with a foldable rubber eyecup to avoid straylight from the sides and the inner eyepiece shaft is carefully blackened as well. Housing and eyepiece shaft are completely made from metal - no plastic is used. Filter thread for use with colour- and nebular filters is also available.

All these Plössl eyepieces offer a much better image quality than all the very simple made Kellner and Huygens eyepieces.

Focal length: 15 mm
Field of view: 50°
Lens-Design: 4 lenses in 2 groups , fully-multicoated
Housing material: completely made from metal
Rubber eyecup: YES, foldable
Filter thread: YES
Storage: Twist-pack
BRESSER Plössl eyepiece with rubber eyecup
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