BINOKKEL BRESSER Hunter 7x50 Porro Prism

Tootekood: BR1150750
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The compact and handy body enable the BRESSER Hunter 7x50 Binoculars to be the perfect companion on just about any outdoor activity. The fully coated optics and its solid mechanics enable a true colour picture replication.
The convenient proportion between objective aperture and magnification makes observations during dawn phases possible. Diopter adjustment and foldable rubberized eyecups are included. The handy and touch-proofed surface of the BRESSER Hunter 7x50 provides a comfortable grip. The tripod connection is standardized for these models.


Type: Standard binoculars
Application range: Sports, Nature, Hiking
Prism glass: BK-7
Focus type: Center
Extras: Tripod adapter thread, Rubber armouring
Colour: black
Prism and lens materials made of BaK-7 glass material
Optical surfaces are blue fully coated
Centre-wheel focusing
Individual eyepiece dioptre adjustment
Tripod adapter thread
Robust, rubber armoured binocular body
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