Tootekood: VESSEL-ZL:004
Kaubamärk: VESSEL
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: 1

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Ülemiste: 1
149,90 €
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Name: Berbice

Cat. No. ZL:004
Scale: 1:72
Lenght: 480 mm
Width: 152 mm
Height: 360 mm
Quantity in package: 1 piece
Type of packaging: Box (500x350x50 mm)
Laser-Cut Kit includes:

all parts cut by laser
arrangement of planks on decks and boards engrave by laser
laser cutted and profiled desks of planking
copper tape
guns and swivel guns
sticks for masts and yards
blocks, deadeyesand hearts
ready decorations
flags printed on canvas paper
laser cut sails
ropes of different thickness
acrylic paints
colorful instruction illustrate by many pictures and descriptions which showes not only step by step stages of building but also includes techniques of gluing and painting on rules of detailed guide
Language: German, English, Polish
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