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Kaubamärk: Billing boats
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Mõõdud: 28x35x12cm
Mõõtkava 1/30

*Limited Edition*

This boat type was originally built in about 1930 by local shipbuilders in the small Danish towns of Klitmøller and Vorupør , and represented a considerable improvement of the boats of the time. Since then, no appreciable changes have been made, althrough the boats have become a few feet longer and now have a wheel house under cover.

Havmaagen is a stable and seaworthy vessel. Its rather round design limits the speed to approx. 6 knots.

Weather permitting, fishing starts early in the morning and continues all day. The boats are lowered and raised be means of an electric winch, with wires embedded in a block firmly anchored a good distance from shore.

Before being hauled ashore, the boats are sailed as far up on the beach as the waves can push them. The winch hook is then attached to the bow irons for hauling.

Building Instructions are in:

English, French, German, Danish; Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Havmaagen and Norden are identical kits. – Havmaagen has a set of 6 basic colors included. These colors can be mixed with normal Billing Boats Acrylic paints.

If you want to paint Havmaagen more detailed you can use the color table from Norden and add more colors. – In Havmaagen there are 2 sets of decals so you can choose whether you want to name it Norden or Havmaagen. Havmaaagen is a limited edition only available for a short
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