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So, in addition to the revised suspension arms we've rolled out in all Quantum FLUX kits, we're also now upgrading the Driveshafts, Axle shafts and FLUX ESC!! Let's take a look:

UPGRADE: #150231 HD Universal Drive Shafts UPGRADE: #150232 HD Wheel Axle Shafts UPGRADE #150238 FLX-3S80 FLUX 80A ESC

With its beefed up driveshafts and 3300KV Brushless Motor, the Quantum FLUX , is capable of taking a thrilling 3S of LiPo power! Just pull the trigger for white-knuckled speedruns and massive jumps!!

The Quantum MT kits enjoy the same great features as the XT in a crowd pleasing Monster Truck form. So in addition to the Molded Tub Chassis with Hex Pattern Reinforcement, oversized 2.8" wheel design and adjustable wheelie bar (features shared across the Quantum range) The MT takes advantage of the high ground clearance chassis design with a high ride height suspension set up for clambering over anything in its way!

As part of the Quantum launch we're debuting the first two tires in our new TREDZ range. Fully bespoke with compound, profile and tread patterns designed and specified by HPI Racing. Wrapped in high quality, high grip rubber, MT models come with TREDZ Tractor whilst the XTs roll on the TREDZ Accelerator.

Wheely Bar As Standard

You can wheely to your hearts content - right out of the box with the pre-installed, adjustable, ready to rock Quantum wheely bar across the range.


4WD shaft drive
HD Front Universal Drive Shafts & Rear Wheel Axle Shafts
Aluminum Hex Hubs
3300KV Brushless Motor with 5.0mm Shaft
Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
Oil Filled Adjustable Coilover Shocks
Pillow Ball Front & Rear Suspension Uprights
Adjustable Steel Turnbuckle Links
Tough Metal 4-Gear Differentials Front & Rear
Gear cover to keep debris away from the spur gear
Dual Point Bell Crank Steering System With Integrated Servo Saver
Molded Tub Chassis with Hex Pattern Reinforcement
High Ground Clearance Chassis Design
Enclosed Receiver Box Protects from the Elements
Complete Set of Ball Bearings
Adjustable Wheelie Bar Included
Oversized 2.8" Wheel Design
Standard 12mm Hex Hub Wheel Fitting
TREDZ High Grip Tires
2.4GHz Radio Set with Waterproof Receiver
80A Waterproof ESC and Water-Resistant Servo
3S LiPo Capable


HD Universal Drive Shafts
HD Wheels Axle Shafts
FLX-3S80 Flux 80A ESC
Aluminum Hex Hubs
3300KV Brushless Motor with 5.0mm Shaft
3S LiPo Capable


4x AA Batteries for Transmitter
Battery & Charger

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