UGEARS Windstorm Draakon

Tootekood: UGEARS70
Kaubamärk: UGEARS
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: 28

Rocca: 4
Ülemiste: 24
54,90 €
Kogus: - +
Mõõdud: 53*48.5*29 cm
Pakendi mõõdud: 37.8*17*3.1 cm
Detailide arv: 320
Eeldatav koosteaeg: 6h
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Welcome to the dwelling of a wise and cunning beast guarding countless treasures he will only reveal to the one bold enough to face his mechanical magic! Behold – the magnificent Windstorm Dragon of the Ugears’ automatons collection is here to challenge your wits and skills in your next mechanical models adventure.

The Windstorm Dragon is a classic mythical reptilian, the embodiment of ancient might and power, presented in wood and animated by the wizardry of Ugears engineers.

Wooden DIY 3D puzzle Windstorm Dragon has an open-style design that allows you to see its mechanical heart – rubber-band motor – beating. The model has a winding key in the frontal part of its chest. To wind it up, hold the dragon by its body and rotate the key clockwise. Release the motor by pulling the start lever. This is when the magic begins: the arms, legs and even the whole body of the Dragon will start to move. And of course, the amazing pair of strong and beautiful wings will be set in motion. This is your Ugears Dragon’s very special feature: the bones of the wings are made of wood, but the rest is beautifully designed feathery paper cutouts. Softer and flexible material makes the flight look very realistic and leaves room for your own ideas.

The model can be set on a special support or hung on twine. It will look equally fascinating with its laser engraved scales and spiky tail. It’s a perfect gift for your family and friends.

Like all Ugears models, this automaton is made of high-grade wooden materials and comes with everything you need in the box. Solve the mechanical mystery of an ancient beast and become a Dragon Master with Windstorm Dragon Ugears model kit!
Windstorm Dragon
Windstorm Dragon mechanical model kit

Model size: 20.9*19.1*11.4 in (53*48.5*29 cm)
Package size: 14.9*6.7*1.2 in (37.8*17*3.1 cm)
Number of components: 320
Estimated time of assembly: 6 hours
Level: Medium


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