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DROON Gravit Nano 2.0 RTF

Tootekood: 220705
Kaubamärk: LRP
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: 0-Küsi tarneaega
Gravit Nano 2.0 Quadrocopter 2.4 Ghz

Flying quadrocopters is action and fun in another dimension. This is also true for the Gravit Nano 2.0.It is extremely agile – only the reaction capacity of the pilot may limit the manoeuvres. The model even performs loopings on key press.

With the Gravit Nano 2.0 also the smallest room transforms into a huge airfield. Due to its extremely compact dimensions as for example an overall diameter of only 55mm, the Gravit Nano 2.0 can be operated almost everywhere in the apartment.

This LRP quadrocopter features a very robust design, making it extremely crash-resistant. Due to the integrated gyro system, the model has very stable flight characteristics.

Strong and durable canopy protects electronics
360° looping - Quadrocopter performs loopings in all directions
Built-in 6-axis gyro - Provides extra stability and perfect flight control
3 Speed levels - Choose from 3 different speed levels: Beginner, Advanced and Pro
Nano-Size - Pocket-sized quadrocopter and TX can be taken anywhere
Factory tuned and tested - 100% quality control
RTF - Ready to fly
Complete Set - not included: 2xAAA Mignon cells, sold seperately
2.4GHz FHSS Control
LED position light
Long flight time
Spare parts available