Dice Keeper: device kit for tabletop games

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Dice Keeper
Model size: 3.7*3.3*4.4 in (94*84*112 mm)
Package size: 7*7.5*0.79 in (170*190*27 mm)
Number of components: 62
Estimated time for assembly: up to 1 hour
In the continuation of its new Ugears Games series of models dedicated to board games, Ugears
proudly presents The Dice Keeper. If you are a dice collector, a passionate gamer, or just fond of
unique mechanical devices, The Dice Keeper is exactly what you need. This model will become your
favorite accessory to your table top battles as well as a great addition to your collection of wooden
3D puzzles from Ugears Games.
The Dice Keeper is a small chest with fine carved ornamentation in a fantasy style. A minimalistic
opening mechanism lowers the side panels of the chest revealing its contents. The model has the
shape of a compact cube with eight compartments to accommodate a standard dice set. Each dice is
conveniently placed in an individual slot and the mechanism lifting the walls securely sets them
inside to prevent from spilling and being lost in transit.
The model is quite simple yet no less interesting to assemble. The iconic Ugears design makes it an
attractive game accessory, a unique décor element, or a great present for your gamer friends.
If the Ugears Dice Keeper caught your fancy, you will definitely like the other models of our “Game”
series too!
Made from sustainable wooden materials the Dice Keeper kit has all you need for assembly: a set of
high-quality plywood boards with precisely cutout parts, full-color, detailed step by step, truly easy
to follow instructions in 11 languages (Ukrainian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian,
Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Korean) and several spare parts inside. No glue and special tools are
needed for putting the Card Holder together. You can assemble it at home on the table. Fits together
like a puzzle without glue or special tools or even toothpicks thanks to Ugears’ patented joints.
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