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Tootekood: TA87188
Kaubamärk: Tamiya
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Hind: 12,90 €
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Tamiya Multipurpose Cement (Clear)

Cementing clear or painted parts can be tricky as existing adhesives are often viscous and difficult to use with precision. Hence, Tamiya is introducing this new multipurpose cement intended for use on clear or painted parts and more: with low viscosity, it can even be used on smaller parts.

Item Contents/Information
• Contains 20ml in an aluminum tube.
• It combines transparency (great for clear parts) with a strong bond (great for use on standard parts), and also is gentle on painted surfaces and decals, making it a versatile tool for the modeler.
• Low viscosity means less “stringing”, making it suited to use on smaller parts.
• This versatile product can also be used on plated parts, metal, wood, tile, glass, rubber and leather.
• Setting commences after 3-5 minutes, allowing adjustment of parts position.