Raudteemakett kohvris SERFAUS Z-skaala 1/220

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Railway Fun Always and Everywhere
Never miss your beloved hobby when travelling. Safely packed and ready-torun in a briefcase, your model railway will always be part of your journeys.
All briefcase layouts are made of high-quality NOCH structured hard foam, hand-painted and nicely decorated.

The wonderful small Z gauge summer layout inspires with its varied track course across a bridge and through a tunnel. The four houses on the layout are illuminated.
The layout can be operated either with a 9 V battery or with the included power supply.

Product Details
· Ready-to-run model railway layout in an aluminium briefcase (outer dimensions briefcase: 575 x 430 mm, 160 mm high)
· Structured hard foam layout, completely decorated
· One train circuit, ready assembled
· Control box with a train controller
· Four illuminated houses, lights controllable individually, automatic light operation
· Adjustable slow speed
· Battery box for 9 V batteries
· Possible to connect the included external power supply

The Tunnel Portal has a passage height of 2.6 cm.

Note for train combination: Please make sure that wagons are not longer than 8.5 cm because of the tight radius. In addition, please do not use locomotives with more than 4 axles (two bogies). Locomotives (steam locomotives) with additional front axle may tend to derail.

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