Laadija Redox Gamma

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Works with almost all types of RC model batteries on the market: LiPo, LiHV (1-6s), LiIon (1-6s) LiFe (1-6s), NiMH (1-18s), NiCD (1-18s), Pb (2-24V), SMART
Fast charging (up to 10A) and discharging (up to 2A)
Built-in power supply 230V 50Hz allows you to work in your home/workshop/garage
Touchscreen LCD with adjustable brightness and contrast, 128x64pix
Functional, very easy and intuitive menu with characteristic graphic icons
Active fan cooling
Works with LiHV (high-voltage LiPo) batteries
Simulates power-supply (5,0 - 27,0V)
Built-in monitor, checking voltage, internal resistance and capacity check
Independent lithium cell balancer, with 3 programmable speed modes
Additional power adapters included in the set
Active internal and external temperature sensor (external temperature measuring requires the optional external temperature sensor, not included in the set)
Numerous security systems: overload, overcharge, short-circuit, overheat, and "leave-alone" protection systems
System Terminate Voltage Control (TVC) - enhanced menu with precise termination voltage configuration
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