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The Giiker Super Cube i3SE (successor of the SUPER CUBE i3s) combines the classic Cube with modern Bluetooth-technology. Connect the smart and interactive Cube to a Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth and enjoy a new world of possibilities. GiiKER Super Cube-Sync technology detects the real-time motion data through the built-in motion sensor and transmits it to the CPU inside the cube. Combined with the recognition algorithm, it automatically detects the real-time status of each side of the Cube, calculates the fastest path and guides in real time. The Super Cube Smartphone App (Android 4.4 or higher / iOS 8.0 or higher) records time, steps, speed and the solution accurately and helps you to improve your skills or allows for fun games.
Changes from the predecessor model: Longer battery run-time, now with smartphone holder, revised packaging will boost your sales.

- Material: ABS
- Size: 56,5 x 56,5 x 56,5 mm
- Incl. 3,7V lithium battery
- Charging time: approx. 1 hour
- More than 90 hour gaming fun on one charge

Package includes: Super Cube i3SE, charger, Micro USB
charging cable, smartphone holder, instruction manual.
Age: 6+
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